Baker Ruskinn will be exhibiting at the OCC/SFRR-Europe June 21-23 at Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin, Germany.  Baker will feature our InvivO2 Physiological Cell Culture Workstation.  A powerful physiological cell culture workstation, InvivO2 features three models carefully designed to meet your specific needs with advanced ergonomic design providing excellent hand access and rapid single plate loading deliver precise control of your culture environment.

Baker Ruskinn and ibidi will present practical solutions for true physiological oxygen cell culture and oxygen measurement in living cells. Come to our booth and see state-of-the-art Physiological oxygen workstations and oxygen-measurement solutions in combination with live-cell imaging and learn more about metabolic stress and redox regulation!

Improve Cell Adhesion by 25% with a Physiological Oxygen Workstation

Baker’s study provides evidence that the use of a Physiological Oxygen workstation fitted with rubber ferrules on the floor plate and an optional anti-vibration plate reduces vibration by up to 59% over a standard CO2 incubator, improving cell adhesion by more than 25% (p = 0.01). Download the Cell Adhesion White Paper describing how to help improve cell yields and preserve sensitive cell lines.

New Total Cost of Ownership Comparison Tool

Baker is pleased to release a new tool designed to help you understand and compare the total lifetime costs associated with most biosafety cabinets.  Baker’s new  Biosafety Cabinet Total Cost of Ownership Calculator provides a quick total cost of ownership comparison between Baker’s own Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet and what you can expect to receive with the average BSC.